About Learning Curve

Professional educators to write your course for you

When you first decided that creating a course would be an excellent way to monetize your skills while teaching others, it was exhilarating! Build once, sell many times — finally a way to scale beyond just you.

However, creating a course isn't as easy you first thought. Staring at the blank screen with the blinking cursor is intimidating. How do I start? Mind dump everything you know onto the page and then hope some form of structure evolves? What format should it be, PDF, e-book, videos? Do I have to do videos — that's going to take a long time and a lot of equipment. How do host — gum road? Thinkific, Kajabi, teachable?

Then the self-doubt starts creeping in. What if I'm missing something? Am I actually an expert in this? Why even make this course? There are so many courses already online with much more accomplished people?

Most of the time, people will end up quitting before they even start or if they persevere through, throw together a mind dump on PDF or a series of unrelated videos which has a 1% completion rate.

But it doesn't need to be this way. Using a learner-centric model, we can design a course built around the specific learning outcomes we want.

You are an expert in your niche and we are experts in learning.

Why pick Learning Curve?

🔥 We’re learning experts

Each member of our team has to learn about learning and user experience design before they start. This means that our content is clear, concise and meaningful to a learner.

🏎️ We have a strong track record

We have built more than 50 courses in the last four years spanning from high school education products to corporate learning for listed companies.

🎥 We consider all mediums of learning

From screen recordings for learning no-code tools to soft skills, we will do it all. We work with a tight-knit group of animators, videographers, copywriters and educators to ensure that your content is in a medium that you envision.

🧠 We work with experts

Bonsai to the blockchain. We will gather information from experts and make sure that your content is best practice.

Trusted by domain experts across the world

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Get started with Learning Curve

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